How the Fear of Being Wrong Limits Students (& teachers)

How the Fear of Being Wrong Limits Students (& teachers)

– risk is part of life
– we live in a risk-averse society (creates fear of being wrong – that there is only one answer)
– schools often teach kids to be careful (& compliant) rather than to be creative or courageous
– taking risk is often not modelled in the classroom by the teacher
– there is pressure to get the “right answer”
– article contends children are over-protected by parents
– “failure clubs”: report something that went wrong & what did you learn from the experience; also look at what failure means – it is not make or break
– learning is very hard & you will get “dirty” learning
– parents & teachers model risk/problem-solving
– parents & teachers are themselves
– STEM is based on trial & error – a fancy way of saying “stuffing up” experiments
– cultural pressure – success comes without effort
– fixed mindset (success/failure) or growth mindset (learning process – model at school/home)
– cultural change required in class & home – it is difficult, but perhaps done incrementally
– article notes that parents are “frightened” for their kids
– trying is part of the process; there are more than one way to solve issues/problems

Source: K-12 Greatest Hits: The Best Ideas in Education (BAM Radio) | podcast date: 22 November 2015


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