How to let go and move on

How to let go and move on

5 tips:
1) Make a decision to move on
– say: I choose not to dwell
– or say: I choose not to let this bring me down
2) think of the good things in life
– research shows rumination leads to feeling lower in mood, & leads to a person having more mood-lowering thoughts
– remind yourself of good things in your life – scroll through photos on your phone
3) play 5-4-3-2-1 where you work through your five senses
– first look around & name 5 things you can see
– then listen & name 4 things
– then 3 things you can touch
– 2 things you can smell
– something you can taste or say 1 nice thing about yourself
[this provides what is called “cognitive distraction” from your rumination; it forces you to focus on your senses so you “get out of your head” & back into “the real world”
4) do something nice for someone else – similar to Tip #2, but is focused on somebody else
– if feeling sorry for yourself – take incompatible action (for another person); remember rumination focuses upon the negative; it goes over same things & also from various different angles – it also has the illusion that you are doing something – just by thinking]
5) summarise what happened in one sentence
– take a step back & then summarise

– these all help you feel “present” & more “in-control”

Source: Savvy Psychologist podcast | 26 Feb 16


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