Emotional CPR [Psychiatrist, Daniel Fischer] – a mental health program

– he was diagnosed with psychosis & schizophrenia
– he experienced catatonia & he went mute
– Freud said: the two major pillars of mental health are “love & work”
– he lost his job & his marriage
– a dream revealed to him his distress & a way out – you are not defective neurologically
– he recommends meditation
– research: psychosis often results from physical or sexual trauma
– he discusses the belief that because medication works there must a neurological explanation for mental illness
– announcement in May 2016 – there is no biological basis for the diagnostic categories for DSM-5
– he advocates recovery through empowerment of the person
– it is about re-starting your emotional heart

What does E CPR mean?
– c for Connecting (tone, expression, eye contact at the beginning of a conversation)
– p for empowering (your own power)
– r for Revitalise
[principles: 1) be present – listen with ears, eyes & heart; 2) – respond – let people in distress know that you feel upset for them; 3) try not to fix the person – don’t tell them what to do; 4) better not to enter as an expert 5) recognise at the healer is within the person; 6) we, together, are working on the person’s healing]

Source: ABC RN | All in the Mind | 4 December 2016


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