A Plato for Modern Times

A Plato For Modern Times?

Plato developed 2 notions:
1) you matter to other people – to reflect upon & develop the will to matter
– what can I do, what can I be to matter (to other people)
– Ancient Greece was similar to the secular world today
2) how to live a good life

Socrates was put to death in 399 B.C.

– interviewee contends we (modern society) is reverting back to what was valued in Ancient Greece – fame, fortune, being part of an exceptional State
– he wrote 26 dialogues (all survive to this date compared with Aristotle’s work which was lost)
– he noted that some people are more able to exert power; however, he believed “power corrupts”

– Galileo in the 17th century ushered in Science

– Spinoza – another philosopher – system of Government influences on today

– parents feel they can exert more control on their child to make them “exceptional” & successful
[ethical issues are raised & are based on hidden assumptions]

– we are as nothing; we are so small – assimilate this into your life – the good life is giving up on the petty, on the ego according to the Greek philosophers
– how can our life matter if other people’s lives do not matter? How is that coherent?
– philosophy is about examining your pre-suppositions so as to move towards coherence.

Source: ABC RN | The Philosopher’s Zone | Podcast date: 5 October 2014


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