The Myth of Plato & Plato the Myth-Maker

The Myth of Plato & Plato the Myth-Maker

– for centuries Plato was admired for his inspiration & vision
– now, the focus is on his theories & views about philosophical questions
– myth is the way a society encapsulates, politically & socially, what is most important to it & it is encapsulated in stories
– he believed philosophy was the greatest form of music
– he used icons/pictures to illustrate his myths
– he created the Atlantis myth
– logos: Greek word for argument or reason
– the theory of forms (I am sitting on a chair, but that is just one form of the eternal chair – meaning a point in time? A single depiction of reality)
– The Oracle of Delphi said no one was wiser than Socrates [Socrates doesn’t believe it, because he does not believe he knows anything]
– Socrates: I do not believe I have wisdom when I do not
– Plato believed myths had an incredible power to control lives – both the irrational & the rational (he was afraid of propaganda & the power of image to persuade even the most rational)
– he believed there was a “truth of the matter” even about things in everyday life
– the Sophists preceded Plato by a generation

Source: ABC RN | The Philosopher’s Zone | Podcasts date: 11 March 2012


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