7 Reasons why the Australian Psychotherapy Industry is in Crisis [Opinion Piece]

7 Reasons why the Australian Psychotherapy Industry is in Crisis

– opinion piece
– CBT looks at the thoughts & behaviours which entrench depression
– psychotherapists & counsellors are not necessarily a psychologist
– there are differences between psychiatrist, a psychologist & a psychotherapist
1) poor professional associations with no PR/marketing about what psychotherapy is & connecting the public to counsellors [he predicts Medicare will only be available to Clinical psychologists]
2) training institutions are producing more counsellors & therapists than there are jobs (social workers & psychologists are instead sought) & that training often does not equip people for establishing private practice
3) therapists themselves are not promoting themselves effectively & the benefits of psychotherapy
4) people do not understand what psychotherapy is – that it is something you can do to improve your life
5) we have, as a society, taught people to go to a GP if you have a mental health issue [this is different to the US where people go to a therapist]
6) Australia has a culture of quick fixes for mental health issues (under a Mental Health Treatment Plan – to obtain a referral to a psychologist) – short-term therapy does not work for everyone; also you can enter into & out of therapy throughout your life
7) there is still a lot of stigma for seeking treatment from a therapist

Source: Australia Counselling Podcast | podcast date: 17 Nov 2015


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