Positive beliefs about worry | Alternative, Realistic Views

Positive beliefs about worry | Alternative, Realistic Views

1. Worrying can prevent bad things from happening.
[worrying makes no difference to the things that open. Unless I am doing something to solve a problem, the process of worrying has no effect on life events.]

2. Worrying helps me to prepare for future threats
[it is impossible to prepare for every negative contingency. Being too focused on possible threats causes me to plan for unnecessary contingencies, & may cause me to ignore other more immediate needs. It can therefore produce other problems, as well as wasting my time & energy.]

3. Worrying helps me to find solutions
[Problems can be solved without worrying. People who do not worry are just as effective (or more effective) at solving problems as those who do. Worrying does not “add value”.]

4. Worrying prepares me for the worst. If it should happen, I will be emotionally prepared.
[Worrying beforehand will not protect me emotionally If bad things should happen – it just produces anxiety for no benefit. Why suffer “just in case”? If things should go wrong I will cope with them when I need to. Worrying in advance provides no additional protection.

5. Worrying gives me control.
[worrying does not give me control. Unless I am problem-solving or taking some positive action, worrying makes no difference to outcomes.]

6. Worrying motivates me to do things.
[I can achieve the things I need by setting goals and following through with action. I do not need to worry so as to get things done.]

Edelman, 2012.


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