Visualisations: Turning around a ‘bad’ feeling & for Depression

Turning around a ‘bad’ feeling Sometimes we can get a ‘bad’ feeling in our body. It’s possible to turn this feeling around by using our imagination. Ask yourself:

 Where is this feeling in your body? Belly

 If this feeling had a shape, what would it be? Oval shaped

 How big would it be? Rugby ball sized

 And what colour would it be? Dark blue

 What texture or consistency would it be? Solid mass And now:

 For this feeling to be better, what shape does it need to be? Round

 How big? Getting smaller

 And what colour would it be? Yellow

 What texture or consistency would it be? Warm, light, translucent

Positive Imagery for Depression

 When we feel depressed, we get caught up in cycle of negative thinking and imagery, doing less, and consequently feeling more depressed. Whilst it can be difficult to change our negative thinking, people often find it easier to see themselves in their mind’s eye, enjoying the activities they used to enjoy doing.

 Doing this 2 or 3 times a day can be helpful in lifting our mood, and help us start to change our negative focus. The activity we visualise need not be something we’re planning to do in the future, the aim is simply to reactivate more helpful thinking and imagery.  As with all other imagery exercises, it is helpful to strengthen the image by thinking about each of our senses, noticing even small details in what we can see and hear etc.


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