Cognitions & Behaviours

Cognitions & Behaviours

Cognitions play a central role in influencing our behaviours. Here are some examples:

– I must be loved and approved of by everyone
[Excessively try to please others; Avoid assertive behaviour]

– I must do things perfectly
[Procrastinate; Perform slowly & inefficiently]

– Making mistakes is an opportunity to learn – it is not a catastrophe
[Willing to try again – Several times if necessary – To reach goals]

– People should do what i believe is right
[unFriendly or hostile Towards those who do not need expectations]

– i am Likeable and worthwhile. People respond positively towards me.
[Willing to reach out to people, initiate friendships and take social risks]

– My life should be easy – I shouldn’t do things that are difficult or not enjoyable.
[aVoid activities that are challenging or unpleasant, even if they are for the best]

– I am incompetent.
[aVoid trying to learn new things]

– I must have someone stronger than myself whom I can rely on; I cannot cope on my own.
[Stay in unhealthy, loveless or destructive relationships; Tolerate abusive treatment]

– I can get anything I want if I am willing to work hard towards it.
[Willing to spend time and effort in working towards goals]

– If I want something, I must have it immediately.
[Engage in addictive behaviour such as drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs, poor diet etc.,]

– Everyone is trying their best. No one deserves to be judged for condemned.
[Get on well with most people]

– I am flawed; I am not OK.
[Self-monitoring in social interactions; Avoid eye contact; avoid taking social risks]

Edelman, S. (2012)


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