9 Tips for Dealing With People

9 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

1) Approach
– you might prefer to run, but instead you engage, listen & offer genuine kindness
– the idea is to make the other person feel heard & appreciated
– it can work with so-called blamers, show-offs, micro-managers, or insecure people
– the approach method does not work for people who are described as being complainers or clingers
2) Confront, or more accurately offer feedback
– many difficult people have no idea that they often offend other people
– this method does not involve getting angry, but rather disclosing to the other person the effect that they are having on you (called being assertive)
– you might try re-framing with gentle humour
– this method does not work with bullies
3) Acquiesce or pick your battles
– particularly good for temporary situations or those which are not a big deal
4) avoid
– good if used with difficult people for your own safety
– but be respectful, & don’t lie

Rules to consider when dealing with difficult people
1) remember it is not your fault & you do not have control over how another person acts
2) remember to relax (Including exercise) & recover afterwards – Journal, music, talk to a friend
3) Get support – Specifically when dealing with bullies (allies; document everything – make logical arguments rather than moral/emotive)
4) feel empathy
5) know most people are on the side of the reasonable people

Source: Savvy Psychologist Podcast | podcast date: 16 September 2016


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