Walking meditation

Walking meditation (Approximately 10 minutes duration)
– Can be done indoors or outdoors

– Stand upright in a stable position, arms hanging by your sides
– Be aware of your feet in contact with the ground
– You may like to visualise yourself as a tree – grounded, majestic, tall
– Adjust your stance until you find the sweet spot of perfect balance

– Focus on your breathing for a minute or two
– Then when you are ready, shift your attention to your feet

– Move your weight over onto 1 foot so that there is hardly any weight on the other
– Then press down on the weight-bearing foot, relax the other knee, move that leg forward, sway your body as necessary to keep your balance, and feel the heel and ball of the other foot rolling on the floor
[The idea is to move slowly and purposefully with full awareness of all the sensations involved]

– Repeat the previous step to now make the next step forward
– Attend to all the sensations of movement in your legs, feet and upper body and to the pressure on the foot and its contact with the floor

– Repeat the rhythm of slow deliberate walking, all the time attending to the sensations as they unfold and noticing the repeated sensations as well as any changes
– Walk forward or term as necessary with in the confines of your space
– If it any stage your attention wanders, bring it back to the feeling of your feet on the floor

– Try walking in time to your breaths, Using your breath to regulate your steps
– Try a walking body scan – shift your attention as you walk, starting with your feet and moving up to the top of your head

Source: K.A. Verni (2015)


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