The Five-Point Senses Meditation

The Five-Point Senses Meditation
[10 minutes in total divided equally between the 5 senses]

1) Touch
– Start by attending to the touch
– Notice the touch of clothes on your skin
– Then move on to your surroundings
– Touch things within reach
– Close your eyes when you have found a suitable object of focus & attend to it

2) Sight
– Look around you
– Ignore what do know about depths and distances
– Instead see your surroundings in two dimensions not three
– Attend to colours and shades, shapes and details
– Notice the divisions between things

3) Smell
– Attend to distinctive aromas
– Bring suitable things such as flowers or foods close to your nose if you need to
– if No smells are detectable, savour your ability to smell while visualising the organs of smell in your nose

4) Hearing
– Listen with eyes closed
– Notice sounds both near and far
– Scan the whole range of possible pitches and volumes
– Listen to the sounds of your body as well as those of the external world
– Note the ways in which some sounds change and fade

5) Taste
– Begin by tasting
– notice the inside of your own mouth
– Then bite into an apple or other fruit savouring what’s distinctive about its taste
– You can use raisins or sultanas

Source: K.A. Verni (2015)


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