Mindful Mountain Meditation

Mindful Mountain Meditation – it is about taking the power of the mountain into yourself [20 minutes]

Aim: To develop your powers of imagination; To encourage mental and emotional stability and help you access your inner strength; It can help people to sit still

– sit Comfortably in a chair with your back and your spine self supporting
– Notice the pressure of the chair on your body
– Rest your hands on your thighs or in your lap
– Keep your feet flat on the floor
– Close your eyes

– Take mindful breaths for a minute or two
– You might like to imagine that your mind is full of sky
– This is the world your mountain will inhabit

– Now picture a Mountain in front of your eyes
– Imagine the mountain in as much detail as you can
– Picture the green lower slopes with belts of conifers; above them are the rocky crags and crevices, followed by snow and ice towards the summit.

– Conjure up in your mind, the solid presence of the majestic mountain grounded in the earth
– Let the mountain come into Eversharp focus taking those its form and it’s details
– Hold this image in your mind for a few minutes
– Now imagine bringing the mountain inside yourself and becoming it in a fusion of self and mountain
– Notice the weather swirling around you as you become the mountain

– Picture yourself being the mountain
– Still & tranquil as changing weather, including storms passes across you
– Observe this weather from your impregnable stronghold of Rock, ice and snow

– Now see all your internal issues and the emotions associated with them, as part of the mountain’s weather patterns
– Observe the turbulence without involvement and without judgement, secure in yourself
– When you are ready, picture yourself transforming back into your every day self, taking the power of the mountain with you
– The mountain is now part of your inner tool kit to engage with the world

Other options:
– Become the landscape – such as lake meditation, tree meditation


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