10 Keys to Happier Living

  1. Giving
    1. share your skills or support
    2. ask people how they are & listen without judgment
  2. Relating
    1. meet and connect with someone you have not seen in a while
    2. turn off distraction & chat with family/friends about your day
  3. Awareness
    1. pay attention to your five senses
    2. make a regular time each day to “tune in” & reflect on how you are
  4. Exercise
    1. find an activity that suits you and your schedule
    2. swap the car for short journeys and ride/walk instead.  Try this even for going to work
  5. Trying Out
    1. take on a new role at work, home or school
    2. try out a new hobby, club or activity that interests and suits you
  6. Resilience
    1. find an avenue for “processing” the tough times – either writing it down or talking to friends about it
  7. Direction
    1. choose a goal that is meaningful to you – not that is important to somebody else and is what they expect of you
    2. remember to celebrate progress along the way
  8. Acceptance
    1. be kind to yourself when things go wrong
    2. shift the focus away from what you do not have & what you cannot do to what you do have and what you can do
  9. Meaning
    1. prioritise the activities, people and beliefs that bring you the strongest sense of purpose
    2. volunteer, be part of a team & notice how your actions affect others
  10. Emotions
    1. take time to notice what you are grateful for & focus upon the good aspects of a situation
    2. set aside time to have fun

Source:MHFA England @ https://www.facebook.com/actionforhappiness/photos/a.197052173661029.49769.162825470417033/1268623993170503/?type=3&theater


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