Today is World Mental Health Day: Talk Openly; Stay Active; Eat & Sleep Well if you can; Stay Connected; Ask for Support

Today is World Mental Health Day, a great opportunity to start life-changing conversations, tackle stigma and discrimination and break down help-seeking barriers around mental health.

We’re urging everyone to make your mental health a priority — not just today, but every day. Is there a commitment you can make, or a goal you can set to help you achieve or maintain good wellbeing? Think about the activities that contribute to you feeling positive, healthy and fulfilled and thethings that add happiness and satisfaction to your life.

It’s important to remember, ‘it’s okay to not be okay’. The best thing you can do is reach out. If you live in Canberra ACT, need advice or want to talk things through, you can contact me on 0467 087 300 to make an appointment.


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