Social skills apps – presentation on 14/8/12 @ Autism Asperger ACT

Autism conference (APAC) 2012
1. The Social Express app: 1) animation 2) 2 skill levels 3) tips – look at faces, people use eyes to show what you are thinking about [she chops from the app to real life play]; social skills; emotions/ how someone feels
2. Wonkidos app: -,play with friends [there is a video & book]: 1) conversation skills – social (getting dressed, go to toilet) – 4 to 5 year old boys like it. W) mood journal
3. My Life Skills Box app: 1) life and social skills 2) story-based, pictures about being social & doing things like brushing their teeth. [children like this more than books]
4. The Berenstain Bears app: 1) very basic story about sharing/playing games ( but not when children say ‘No’ when approached.( then play by yourself or with someone else – separate role play. [there is a chores app]
5. Model Me Going Places app: 1) photographic [lot of children like that][apps – children can take it with them & play][going to dr’s]
6. Positive Penguins app: 1) need to be about 8 or 9 2) all about reading expressions 3) comes with help & asks children questions about emotions & why they feel what they do. 4) need insights about thoughts & feelings 5) less than $5 [there are also apps about chores]
7. Stories2Learn app: 1) saying hello, waving, looking at things with someone else 2) photographic 3) gestures, turn-taking
8. Social Quest app: 1) cartoon, various settings 2) American – “mail carrier” 3)returning something to a shop owner 3) report card & rewards 4) suited for 10 to 12 year olds
9. Emotion Detective app: 1) Aussie 2. Cartoon
10. Social Comprehension app: 1) for teens in the home, school, & on the job 2) taking turns, responding appropriately, responding to change
11. Between the Lines app [she likes it] advanced is for Teens 1) facial expressions, ) photographic in form 3) also video-based 4) can change and make more complex, including changing the order [note: these can go on special]
12. Super Duper apps: [also in card form] 1) problem-solving, staying on topic, politeness 2) cartoon in form 3) “pragmatics” [she sometimes uses it for language/to get them speaking ) inferencing exercises
13. Zones of Regulation app: 1)cartoon – avatar travels through a city 2) about individuals being in different zones a different times [kids like it]
14. Hidden Curriculum on the Go app: 1) has used it with a 10 year old girl 2) rudeness – social intuition – what is socially inappropriate to say such as how to talk to the teacher, others on the playground
N.B. there are also idiom apps.For e.g “pull your socks up”

15. Injini app: 1) seems young – developmental 2) cartoon 3) letters 4) follow patterns 5) $35
16. Ready to Print app:1) vertical/horizontal 2) letter tracing
17. Writing wizard app: capitals
18. Reading Skills 1 app: 1) spelling & sounds 2) 2 levels
19. Readers app: phonetics
20. Rainbow Fun app: 1) free- writing ex.
21. Pocket Phonics app: 1) sounding & drawing letter and spelling words
22. Pinch peeps app: fine motor skills (thumb & forefinger)
23. Monkey Math app: patterns, maths
24. Monkey Lunchbox


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