The science of happiness and love

The Science of Happiness & Love

– Ed Diener: what is happiness?
– subjective well-being [satisfaction in life; emotions]

– Gallup World Poll – 160 countries
– basics : food, clothing, shelter | respect | trust

– happiness is causal – genetic (serotonin & dopamine)

– happy people:
– healthier
– more friends
– live longer
– less sick
– more pro-social

He says there is a lot you can do to be happier:
– be compassionate
– meditate
– explore new ways to be (this takes considerable effort if a person has a lifetime of negative attitudes)

What works in the long run?
– meaning / purpose in life
– mastery & skills
[not thrill-seeking]

Martin Seligman: Positive Psychology – universal happiness principles
– close supportive relationships
– be positive to others
– choose partners wisely
– help other people

Source: ABCRN All in the Mind | Podcast date: 30 June 2013


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