Buddhism & Mindfulness

People can only love us if we think we are loveable

& you may not believe you are loveable if you:
– are compensating for who you are by explaining yourself constantly
– beating yourself up when you make the slightest mistake
– constantly think about your flaws & get angry at yourself about them
– cling to those people who only think the best of you & find it hard when they are not there
– tell yourself you are selfish when you meet your own needs
– repeatedly do self-destructive things
– always find a reason to talk yourself out of your dreams

Life is transformation, not being static – we are not all good & bad, either are others

1. Know you are not your worst mistakes
– the past shapes but does not define us
– the past is over & if we are actively making decisions to do things differently…
– we are more than labels

2. Know you have nothing to prove – you do not have to show the world you are good
– forgive & accept yourself
– being authentic means being vulnerable

3. The dark is valuable.
– we all make mistakes
– flaws make us unique

4. Know that you matter
– we impact others all the time, like a ripple effect
– & we can easily believe harsh assessments of ourselves

5. Positive feelings & actions breed more
– give yourself to not be perfect, but to make progress
– do loving things everyday
– do kind things for others & the world… & yourself
– if you dwell on the past, or catastrophise about the future, remind yourself that you deserve to enjoy the present, but only you can make it happen


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