Putting an end to bullying in schools

Putting An End to Bullying & School Violence

– occurs across the whole of schooling
– 1 in 3 are bullied each year in US schools according to the National Centre for Education Statistics
– it affects the mental health of young people
– awareness too of the issue has changed
– it is a difficult behaviour to decrease
– factors which determine who is a perpetrator & who is a target are complex:
– home environment
– school environment including whether anti-bullying programs are in place
– during middle school, bullying seems to be concentrated on the more popular people
– in early years, perpetrators are often rejected
– high school, bullying behaviour is more nuanced & morphs into sexual harassment & teen dating violence (research shows it can begin early at school in the form of sexual commentary & sexual rumour spreading & that this develops into inappropriate touching)
– sexual harassment is illegal irrespective of where it occurs
– current research does not reveal a way to predict who will be involved as a perpetrator or target of bullying behaviours; however, there are risk factors:
– violence in home (including a sibling) &/or the neighbourhood
– the school climate matters (includes zero tolerance policies, modelling of bullying behaviour by teachers) & this can also play out in the cyber space domain
– social emotional learning skills – are necessary to address bullying
– clubs, sports, online when at home are other areas of bullying
– dialogue between child & parents is necessary to also help put an end to bullying

Source: 16 January 2016 | Speaking of Psychology Podcast


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