The DASS-42 (Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale; Lovibond & Lovibond, 1995) is a 42 item questionnaire which includes three self-report scales designed to measure the negative emotional states of depression, anxiety and stress.  Each of the three scales contains 14 items.  The Depression scale assesses dysphoria, hopelessness, devaluation of life, self-deprecation, lack of interest/involvement, anhedonia, and inertia.  The Anxiety scale assesses autonomic arousal, skeletal muscle effects, situational anxiety, and subjective experience of anxious affect.  The Stress scale assesses difficulty relaxing, nervous arousal, and being easily upset/agitated, irritable/over-reactive and impatient.  All items are assessed using a four-point severity/frequency scale to rate the extent to which they have experienced each state over the previous week.


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