– Individuals with autism find it hard to interact socially
– This can include lacking understanding and intuition about the thoughts and feelings of others as well as the reasons for their behaviour
– Individuals with autism may also display poor language skills to manage day to day life (approx 30 to 50%) and repetitive behaviour, including:
– stereotypy: repetitive hand-flapping, body rocking
– repeatedly arranging items in a certain way
– engaging in ritualistic behaviour
– focusing on a limited range of behaviours & self-injury
– approx 0.5 to 10% of individuals with ASD have savant skills
– ASD treatment takes the form of management:
– such as developing strategies to manage day-to-day situations
– training to overcome deficits in specific skill sets; &
– reducing the effects of everyday stressors.

Source: Psychology Squared (Sterling & Frings, 2016)


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