History of Evolution

Bernard Woods history of evolution

– 4.5 billion years ago the earth was created
– 3.5 billion years ago the first life on earth began
– 200 million years ago there were dinosaurs
– approx 5 to 8 million years ago in the African forests is the common ancestor to human beings & chimps (hominid paleo biology)
– the tree of life [faiths have humans at the top of the tree][Darwin – branches & relationship of species – since vindicated by DNA which shows we share DNA across species][modern humans are closely related to chimps & bonobos]
– forests more typical in Africa until 8 million years ago, c/w grasslands
– our common ancestor is an ape, not a chimpanzee
– cooking meat (preparing it by exposing to sun, slicing meat etc.,) was a huge leap forward in human advancement
– hominids were in Eurasia, not America or Australia – they then moved into other landscapes
– Q: did homo erectus evolve in Africa solely, or did an ancestor move out of Africa & evolve outside of Africa
– Neanderthal – larger brain size (not a guide to intelligence necessary) – stockier, but probably had a primitive language) in Europe & to the east; not known if they had art/cave paintings; they made things but not clothes [they were less efficient as a species, and less able to handle lean times – last died out 30,000 years ago
– Cro Magnon Man did not wipe them out
– why do modern humans share much of their genetics
– theory: a genetic bottle neck (perhaps caused by disease, natural disaster)
– lowest point – there were 10,000 left & this explains the lack of genetic variation
– modern humans because they are hairless, need to have pigment variations (no substantial genetic variation)
– we are all the same under,the skin
– we exaggerate the cultural differences

Source: ABC RN | Conversations | podcast date: 14.06.2016


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