Seneca [Stoic]

Seneca: philosophy & tragedy [Stoic]

– the journey of Greek philosophy to Rome (who documented for posterity)
– Seneca came from Spain before finally becoming a Roman citizen
– he wrote rhetoric in Latin
– he writes Stoic philosophy
– God is reason & is in everything
– they believed in Nature
[Epicureans: pleasure seeker & avoid pain | Stoics believed humans were reasoning beings]
– Stoics believed the emotions were false judgments – to act rationally & emotionally were mutually exclusive
– Seneca was particularly interested in understanding anger
– he saw anger as disease
– he defined the physiology of anger & how it is enacted / acted out
– he himself was particularly prey to anger
– anger comes from being attached to certain things
– he wrote tragedies which were never performed
– he believed emotions were a disease – feeling emotion led to feeling more & more emotion (to experience emotions is playing with fire)
– his tragedies showed that emotions ruined human life [they were written from a Stoic perspective]
– he believed emotions were misleading & that we needed to free ourselves of material attachment

Q: how can a good stoic care about the world?

Our way of seeing & interpreting our tHoughts & others – this is in his writing – he recommended not taking things at face value, superficially, but going deeper to understand

Source: The Philosophers Zone | Podcast date: 08.07.2012


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