My Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Workbook: MY CBT Workbook: Go ahead and get started

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The purpose of this workbook is to help you, through guided discovery, re-connect with yourself, your friends and/or family, and your life. By engaging in the activities in this workbook you are beginning the process of changing your life in ways which are positive and useful to you. & home learning is a vital part of this process. So, simultaneously boost your sense of well-being, and sense of accomplishment, by working through the activities detailed in My Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Workbook, including:

1. Mood Diary

2. Goals List – short, medium and longer-term;

3. Goal Achievement Sheet

4. Goal Diary

5. Catching Thoughts Diary

6. Negative Thought Record to constructively question automatic thoughts when they occur and are accompanied by an increase in symptoms

7. Thought Traps

8. Thought Record Emotions (emotions, physical feelings, behaviours, feelings)

9. Thought Evaluation Record

10. Activity Schedule (doing exercise, seeing friends/family/social acquaintances, engaging in activities etc.,);

11. Activity Record (mindfulness, social engagement, pleasurable activities, responsibilities);

12. Behaviour Experiment Diary

13. Provoke and Cope Record

14. Problem-Solving Sheet

15. “Credit List” (anything you do, or attempt, even if it is only moderately difficult);

16. ABCDEFG Sheet (Activating Event, Belief, Consequence, Dispute, Evaluate, Future Goal);

17. Core Beliefs Worksheet;

18. Typical Unhelpful Core Beliefs

19. Orienting Statements (list of constructive thoughts or reactions to situations so that you can better handle negative feelings when they arise); and

20. My Future Wellbeing Plan


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