How to Tell if your Boss is a Psychopath & What to do About it?

How to Tell if your Boss is a Psychopath & What to do About it?

– Robert Hare (author of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist) states that 1% of the population fits the profile of a psychopath, & he believes the percentage of CEOS might be 4% – see

– list of jobs ranking highest for psychopathy:
– lawyer
– media
– salesperson
– surgeon

– some psychopaths commit crimes, but many live what are considered “successful” lives

– psychopathic bosses can operate in the unethical zone & can engender “ethical blindness” in their workers

– zimbardo (of Stanford Prison Experiment fame) has identified these social processes that can expedite the crossing of social boundaries & norms:
1) mindlessly taking the first small step
– the thin edge of the wedge (the ethic moves from: is it the right ing to do, to: can I get away with it)
2) de-humanisation of others
– a survivalist/social-Darwinist approach
3) anonymity
– machine men & women do not have to be human in their behaviour
4) diffusion of personal responsibility
– mob mentality
5) blind obedience to authority
6) uncritical conformity to group norms or risk exclusion
– in our evolutionary past, social exclusion was tantamount to death
7) passive tolerance of evil through inactivity & indifference
– bystander mentality

Ways to counter?
– bottom-up leadership
– combined action



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