c. Ability and Accomplishment


Ability and Accomplishment

  • Think about a hero or heroine you have.
    • Do you believe this is person achieved their extraordinary abilities due to little effort?
    • Now go find out the truth.
      • Find out for yourself that their abilities came about as a result of tremendous effort. And now admire them more for doing so.
    • Think of times other people out-performed you. Did you just assume they were smarter or more talented?
      • Now consider the idea that they out-performed you because they used:
        • Better strategies
        • Read more/taught themselves more
        • Practiced more/harder
        • Worked their way through obstacles
          • You can do that too – if you want to and choose to use the growth mindset.
        • Are there situations where you disengage your intelligence?
          • Next time you find yourself in that situation, choose to get yourself into the growth mindset
            • Remember to think about learning and improvement
            • NOT self-judgment and criticism.
          • For the parents – do you label you child/adolescent?
            • If so, remember you are not helping them if you do so. Even when the label seems like praise.
              • Instead, find a growth mindset way of praising the child/adolescent (focusing on effort, focus, strategies, attitude to learning, hard work)

Source: (Dweck, 2012)



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