B. Grow Your Mindset


Grow Your Mindset

  • people are naturally curious and want to learn
  • a fixed mindset (developed over time) can undo this
  • Think of a time you were enjoying doing something, and then it became hard and you no longer wanted to do it. Maybe you felt suddenly tired, dizzy, bored, or even hungry.
    • This is often the fixed mindset at work.
    • Instead, put yourself in the growth mindset, so you can meet the challenge, keep going and learn.
  • The growth mindset works on receiving “constructive criticism”, not people telling you how good you are.
  • Now think of a time in the past where you felt “measured”. A test score. A dishonest or callous action. Being rejected. Being sacked from a job. Focus on it. Feel all the emotions.
    • Now put yourself in a growth mindset and look honestly and openly at it, recognising this is not an assessment of your intelligence or your personality. Instead ask:
      • What did I/can I learn from that experience?
      • How can I use it as the basis for growth?
      • [Note: this is the growth mindset in action]
    • Now think about how you act if/when you feel depressed?
      • Do you work harder at things in your life?
      • Or do you let them go?
        • Next time you feel low, put yourself in the growth mindset & think about:
          • Learning
          • Confronting challenge head on
          • Overcoming obstacles by engaging them (not avoiding them)
          • Think about effort as a positive, constructive force, not as a personal criticism or something unpleasant and boring. Try it.
        • Now, is there something you have always wanted to do, but were afraid you were not /would not be good at it? Instead, make a plan and do it!

Source: (Dweck, 2012)



Mark Taylor | Registered Psychologist | Canberra ACT | 0467 087 300

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