The one thing a student needs from parents & teachers to do well at school

The one thing a student needs from parents & teachers to do well at school

– children need to be loved at home & at school
– love = time
– Dr Jaenz [Harvard] – meta-analysis
– the effects of parental involvement in education is considerable
– he reviewed what types of parental involvement have been found to be most effective
– he checked factors such as:
– checking homework [these were not found to be the most important]
– attending school functions
[these he considered would be seen as most effective by parents & teachers]
– instead he found effective parental involvement can be subtle
– parental expectations are very important (not going to top echelon schools), but:
– Expect you to go to school and to do your best – to give it 100%
– reading & communicating (children need to feel loved & accepted to communicate effectively) are important to school performance
– Parents need to focus upon positive communication with their child/adolescent & avoid labels such as “stupid” (such labels can be internalised & believed)
– be ready to apologise & repair where necessary
– there is still a place for rules, & reviewing homework
– children need also a sense that they are appreciated at school & are encouraged

Source: K-12 Greatest Hits: The Best Ideas in Education | podcast date: 07/01/2016
Mark Taylor, Canberra Psychologist: 0467 087 300


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