Shrink on the Couch – interview with Kathleen Mates-Youngman, a therapist

Shrink on the Couch – interview with Kathleen Mates-Youngman, a therapist

– a therapist is often a person who has walked through their “own stuff”
– has a resource book to walk through with a therapist
– she has suffered with anxiety & had panic attacks – she saw a therapist herself
– she works in Orange County, California & specialises in couples
– she has been licensed for 7 years
– we are all human; we are all works in progress – we all have our struggles
– she learned CBT & relaxation techniques
– gifts can come from suffering – self-awareness; knowledge of triggers; softening; more compassion for others | Socrates said: Know thyself | she says we are layered like Rssian dolls
– therapy is about personal growth, not always about crisis
– compassion is needed when working with clients who have anxiety
– it is a big first step, just to reach out & ask for help
– she is client-centred & humanistic
– understanding family systems is very important when working with couples
– she also works with people who are moving through transitions (in their 40s & 50s)
– core of her work is attachment-based theory (based on family history)
– schema therapy – what are common family of origin traits (how people look at the world as a result of their upbringing)
– she has written a workbook
– couples to have a 10 to 15 minutes ritual at the end of the day to discuss | idea a day to discuss so as to establish connection
– aim to change couples from being contemptuous of each other
– contempt is a wall between couples

Source: Shrink on the Couch, Talking Therapy, Episode three, Podcast date: 10 June 2015


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