Organisation and Routines [The next steps]

Organisation and Routines [The next steps]

1) work with things “out of your mind” in a physical way (calendar – paper & electronic; reminders; extra information; to do lists which are prioritised, categorised & scheduled; files are organised; notes in a notebook; google keep for grocery lists; )
2) categorise things according to your life (work, family, research/study, personal life/responsibilities; friends)
– automate as much as possible – weekly, fortnightly, monthly events
3) weekly evaluation of goals (again across different facets of life) so that progress can be made
4) daily review of to-do lists
5) following morning & evening routines to anchor the day & facilitate circadian rhythms
6) follow routines regarding exercise, diet, finances, friendships
7) review all routines to see if balanced & realistic

Source: Child Psychology Podcasts | Podcast date: 9 March 2016]


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