Organisation and Routines [a good starting place]

Organisation and Routines [a good starting place]

There are benefits to organisation & routines:
– Helps to reduce anxiety due to predictability & knowing what to expect
– Keeps the mind energised, with more cognitive resources available for the non-routine rather than being expended on the routine/systemised things in life (remembering & prioritising in our minds)
– keeps everyone in the house in a better mood
[Routines do not imply doing the same thing every day – that is boring, but having a system of consistency in place with flexibility for e.g. Between week days & week-ends]

How to get organised & establish routines?
1) Get the information out of your mind and into something physical (screen, paper)
– a weekly schedule (Appointments, to do list, & in what order, a mind map)
– this enables linking, grouping/categorising, prioritising, & routinising
– a physical format keeps it visible so it is not forgotten & is regularly checked (easy reference – calendar on wall; calendar app on phone, whiteboard)
[Our brains only have a limited capacity to hold such information; most people can only pay attention to 4 to 7 things in their mind at one time]
2) look at different areas of home/life & organise it (a place for everything: kitchen, study, children’s toys) – allows focus on the more important things

– keep routines realistic (to maintain motivation)
– not too detailed
– not achieving routines all in one day

– finally review routines
– are they working?
– can they be changed & improved?

Source: Child Psychology Podcasts | Podcast date: 3 February 2016


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