Dialogue is the most effective way to resolve conflict


Ten tips to resolve conflict
1.    actively explore and understand the problem.
2.    validate, acknowledge and listen to each other – take turns to speak – and remember listen, listen, listen.  If you can “park” feelings of needing to win or “just make a point”
3.    Listen to the other person’s point of view. Imagine being in their shoes.
4.    Calm down first – manage your emotions.
5.    Clearly and calmly state your opinion.
6.    Be honest about your feelings. that is how you felt, not that they “made” you feel or what was so wrong/bad about what they did.
7.    Remember always put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
8.    Compromise on some things. If you can, and it does not violate a boundary, or a rule that is important to you.
9.    Seek a win – win solution. Accept some things are unresolvable and that people will need to “Agree to disagree”.
10.  Ask someone to help you (a psychologist or a counsellor).


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