Supporting children to cope with stress [APS]

Supporting children to cope with stress [tips for parents]

1 – Optimise the child’s positive experiences – Keep stress within a manageable range every day – arrange opportunities for “ups” to balance the everyday “downs” (much like a bank with a positive account balance)

2 – Help children develop optimism – children learn by observation, so they watch you when things go wrong (& learn to o similar) – look for solutions & avoid blaming yourself & others – give children opportunities to succeed – give realistic praise & encouragement

3 – Help children to reframe their unhelpful thoughts, feelings & behaviours – help to turn setbacks into a drive to try again – help children to think positively & remind them of previous experiences (or your own where you overcame a challenging situation/problem)

4 – reconnect and repair when things go wrong – serves to maintain the child’s Wellbeing while also demonstrating relationship skills – do this as soon as you can mindful of the difficulty that strong emotions cause

HAPPY Principles

H – Have a go ( break tasks down so child can succeed; celebrate their successes)

A – Accept both success and loss (Keep an eye on your own unhelpful thinking and behaviour style which may have an influence on your child)

P – Practice (allow your child to watch you practice & persevere at activities you enjoy – This teaches your child to do the same)

P – Plan for the best outcome (Encourage children to think situations over & choose outcomes that are enjoyable & build confidence)

Y – Getting to yes (Optimism and resilience arise from succeeding even after setbacks)

Source: KidsMatter @ An APS initiative


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