– Modern business is full of people who deny their inner suffering
– The article contends that the modern office culture is as follows:
– Brutish
– People should be hard to impress (by others & their ideas)
– People should be harsh in identifying others defects
– People should be un-moved by failure in others & oneself
– Empathy for “the weak” is a fatal weakness
– Self-doubt is taboo
– People come across as cold and unyielding when in truth they are terrified, yet believe business is too dangerous to admit to such
– argues it may be useful to view people who seem harsh & mean as being in fact “scared”
– as if there is a frightened child within
– such people “pretend” stress is something to be ashamed of, whereas real bravery involves a a capacity to admit human frailty & worry
– the office is full of walking wounded
– it is a place where it is difficult to cope
– full of people experiencing existential crises (named after such philosophers as Sartre & Camus) – that one’s life, career & whole purpose are indeed meaningless
– such anguish is inevitable & occurs every few years according to the article
– like everyone, we are all slightly broken

– believes there are unrealistic expectations about the ideal employee
– that we all experience periods of confusion & loss of direction
– we are not robots
– therefor we need to know how to stop periods of angst turning into full-blown disasters

– benefits of exercise for mind & body

Human Beings are Sensitive Souls
– examples of auditory acuity, visual acuity, sense of smell, a brain with phenomenal memory capacity given there are a trillion neuronal connections – would need to leave the TV on for 300 years recording all the time to fill it up
– so much capacity for good, & yet also capacity for everyday frustration & stress which is bound up with our strengths & sensitivity
– it is tempting to hate ourselves for being stressed, or to see it as a curse or a personal weakness, but it is how human beings are made up as a species
– the price we pay for our astonishing mental capacities

Source: http://www.thebookoflife.org/on-falling-apart-at-the-office/


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