Positive Psychology – – our impact – to harm or grow relationships

– our impact – to harm or grow relationships

– response styles – active/passive; constructive/ destructive axes
– active/constructive responding – enthusiastic support
– active/destructive responding – quiet, under-stated support
– passive/constructive responding – demeaning the event
– passive/destructive responding – ignoring the event

[Gable & Gonzaga, 2006]

– apply in a clinical setting – external communication with others & also your internal voice

– PERMA Midl of Well-Being [Seligman]
P – positive emotions
E – Engagement
R – Relationships
M – meaning
A – achievement
[goals boost self-esteem]
[health, sleep, diet etc.,]

– 80th birthday exercise or eulogy @ your funeral
– speech to celebrate your life
– clarify your purpose & meaning, & then take steps to achieve that meaning

Intrinsic – personally meaningful & rewarding
Approach goals – defined outcome [do not use avoidance goals – not gaining weight]
Activity goals – involve taking up a new activity

Fixed & Growth Mindset (see YouTube)
– my abilities are fixed
– growth – building skills

Embrace challenges v’s Avoid challenges

Process praise rather than you are smart
– you worked hard
– you tried really hard on your homework

Best Possible Self Exercise
– written exercise
– everything has gone well
– reached your full potential
– dreams achieved
– what doing in 5 years time

– PERMA measures; engagement measures

– “appreciative enquiry”

– strengths – leveraging off strengths – use them to overcome


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