THE UNKNOWN BRAIN [stroke; impact of cooking – yes, you read right :) ;

THE UNKNOWN BRAIN [stroke; impact of cooking – yes, you read right 🙂 ;

– 1st story about a woman who experienced a stroke
– in an instant she became a “woman trapped inside the body of an infant”
– awoke to a pounding pain behind her left eye
– noticed a conscious perceptive change
– body slowed
– fluid bodily movement had gone
– neuro genesis & neuroplasticity – aids recovery after

– 2nd story – talking to a neuroscientist
– what is special about the human brain & it’s 100 billion neurons
– she found 86 billion not the mythical – missing 14 billion is an “entire baboon away”
– our brain is larger than it should be – by comparing it to apes
– human brain weighs 2% of the body & uses 25% of the body’s energy
– cerebral cortex – has 16 billion neurons (approx more than 2X of gorillas)
– cooking modifies food so it provides us with more calories so as to gain more neurons – cooking frees time for us so we do not need to look for raw foods for 9.5 hrs (why evolution of our brain accelerated compared with other species)
– very humbling – we are animals but through cooking, we pulled away from other species

– 3rd talk with a cognitive neuroscientist
– facial recognition [human faces are different every time you see them]
– prosapagnosa – facial recognition problem as a result of trauma to the brain (we have specialised brain regions for face, colour, sound/pitch recognitions) & yet other tasks do not have specialised brain regions

– 4th talk – child between age of 3 & 5 years begins to develop theory of mind
– part of brain behind right ear is a specialised part of the brain responsible for this function

– 5th talk – a philosopher & the idea of collective consciousness

SOURCE: TED Talks NPR [broadcast date: 20 February 2015]


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