The Horse Boy – Autism

The Horse Boy – Autism

– healing for a boy with autism
– family acknowledges what they did isn’t or everyone (e.g. – horses, going to Mongolia, seeing Shamans)
– main ethic is “follow the child” in “horse boy method” [which involves either use of a horse or not) Which has six principles:
1. Set-up the correct environment (no strip lights, happy dogs, no perfume, cigarette work, industrial noise etc., which are known to hut autistic kids down
2. Body to body
3. Ride with kids
4. Play rule-based games
5. Academics – make it funny
6. Self-advocacy – kid takes over the teaching
[can be one with any kinetic activity while oil lowing the child & getting into Nature]
[note: no scientific evidence, but not supported by Autism Awareness]
– Autism affects 1 in 110 people
– unusual ways to learn, interact with others (making friends) & have heightened sensory perception / sensory
– early signs, as identified by the Autism Awareness Australia :
– lack of eye contact
– appear to be deaf
– lack of pointing/waving
– preference to play on own
– parent (Rupert Isaacson) – son, Rowan, had an affinity with horses – identified the following sign
– regression of language
– lining up of toys
– tantrums
– delayed toilet training
– lack of pointing/waving
– stimming (self-stimulating behaviours – flapping arms, jumping up & down, looking out the of the corner if their eyes/the periphery of their vision)
– echolalia (repeating words over & over)
– repetitive behaviours/almost obsessive

Autism – based on the Greek word – Auto – the self – locked in the self – & difficulty interacting with the exterior world

– diagnosis is a challenging times for family

Autism Awareness Australia:
– evidence for keeping autism kids active
– treatment is ABA ( intensive & expensive) – Applied Behavioural Analysis – early intervention
– involves teaching skills that are in deficit & using lots of positive reinforcement

Isaacson talks also about recognising “the gifts” of autism, & valuing those as well

Source: Radio National Australian version of All in The Mind; broadcast date: 28 October 2014


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