– REBT developed by Albert Ellis in the 1950s
– teaches people how to better manage themselves emotionally & behaviourally
– Anxiety in students can sometimes result in students due to the mistaken belief that they are somehow responsible for how the teacher feels
– this can be due to a set of personal beliefs that have developed in childhood
For e.g. Parent/caregiver/other adult statements such as…
– “you make me happy when you do…”
– “you make me angry when you…”
– “you make me [whatever emotion] when you…”
[notice the inadvertent instructing to the child that it is within their power to make others feel whatever it is they feel? REBT understands the social learning basis of maladaptive thinking, feelings & behaviours, & seeks to sensitively challenge & restructure such cognitions so that the person no longer feels responsible for how others feel]
– ELLIS notes the problems of the “must” mentality & how when we have beliefs that we “must do [whatever behaviour]”, we are inadvertently being set up for DISCOMFORT
– how people feel & behave is their own personal responsibility because it is a person’s thinking that makes them feel & act as they do – not the event, not another person & so on

Source: http://rebtoz.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/rational-emotive-behaviour-counselling.html


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