COURAGE – TED RADIO HOUR PODCAST ON NPR [broadcast date: 12 December 2014]

[broadcast date: 12 December 2014]

Summary of stories & courage with the aim of doing the right thing:
1. Workplace
– Speaking up? The Workplace Culture? But everyone contributes to that.
– Speaking up takes courage & can start anywhere
– use your freedom?
– say something / say nothing – both are bad & both are risky, but nothing will change if you do not speak up
– apparently 85% say nothing & 15% speak up
2. War zones [Bosnia, Syria]
– fear is natural
– fear is part of being courageous & knowing the limits
3. Lawyer engaging with Tribal courts in Afghanistan for women who were abused / victim of domestic violence
– drew on her upbringing in the poor projects areas – where she & her family had felt “invisible”
– uses anger as a motivating force
– uses law to protect herself & others she is assisting
4. Drs, drug companies & prescription behaviour
– campaigned or establishment of “who’s my dr” – conflicts of interest, their personal values – transparency on the website
– received negative feedback from the medical fraternity (she believed it was because she had felt threatened because Drs’ incomes are so intrinsically linked.
– drew strength from family experience as a young child, & how her mother had coped with her Stage IV breast cancer; mother had Los struggled against oppression while living in CHina before emigrating to the USA.


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