Useful preliminary activity for an anxious child

Mark Taylor Psychology

1. – situations where worrying was helpful
– situations where worrying was unhelpful [& it’s ok to ignore these worries are unhelpful & stop us doing things we want/know we can do]
2. Talk with mum & dad about how their imaginations have affected their bodies. When does their heart beat a little faster? When they may have blushed/felt a little embarrassed. When they may have noticed when their stomach felt funny.
3. Talk to mum & Dad about situations where worried thoughts show-up for them – is it:
– trying a new activity?
– when they are unsure what to do?
– when they have. Lot of “what if” questions?
– when they have to perform for people?
– when something scary is happening?
[are there more? What about or you – get mum, dad, or both o help.]

Mark Taylor | Canberra Psychologist

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