Children’s Mental Health Matters [Mental Health America]

Children’s Mental Health Matters [Mental Health America]

– parents & care-givers are encourage to monitor & act (by investing in professional mental health assistance)
– build up strengths
– protect from risks in the environment
– tools to succeed (skills development)
– children need to feel secure so they can develop at home & school
– be alert to signs in child:
– feeling very sad, hopeless or irritable
– Overly anxious and worried
– Scared and fearful
– frequent nightmares
– using AOD
– Excessively angry
– Avoiding others / wanting to be alone
– Hallucinations &/or delusions
– Can’t sit still or concentrate
– rituals such as excessive cleaning/washing of hands
– Talks about suicide/ death
– Hurts other people and animals
– Major changes in eating / sleeping habits
– Falls behind in School

What parents can do:
– acknowledge/validate & emotion coach (discuss)
– be a role model
– encourage strengths, acknowledge limitations & praise effort & accomplishments
– opportunities to learn, grow & gain mastery
– think of discipline as not being physical punishment, but rather as an opportunity to learn
– set expectations
– be clear on consequences
– acknowledge positive & negative behaviour


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