Feeling Overwhemed?

Feeling Overwhemed

Q. What do you think would happen if you said ‘no’, ‘not now’ – how do colleagues/bosses push back?
Q. What is one thought or question that might give you perspective when you are feeling overwhelmed? For e.g., what’s truly important here? What can I focus upon in the next 30 minutes?
Q. What is a specific way you could experiment with saying “No” to something you don’t want to do, but think you should?
Q. How does being busy enhance your life? Does it give you a sense of accomplishment?
A distraction from anxiety? A sense of accomplishment [pay-off – Metacognitive]
Q. What are 5 things that make your life worthwhile?
Q. How much time spent doing/thinking about them?
Q. 5 small things that drain you
Q. 5 things you could delegate?

Source: Psychologies @ https://psychologies.co.uk/how-can-you-find-balance


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