Baby Language Development – 3 to 12 Months

Baby Language Development – 3 to 12 Months

Children grow & develop at different rates, but here is a list of some language & gestures that could typically be expected:
– coo & laugh
– respond hen spoken too by making noise or being quiet
– make eye contact
– make noises such as booh, ahh, aaieee
– at 3 months say a combination of consonants & vowels such as ah-goo
– at 4 months babble mamamama, dadadada, babababa & gagagaga
– laugh when played with
– imitate ounces & gestures you make
– at 5 months, respond to their name
– play at making sounds at loud volumes
– at 8 months, make sounds which have the tone & rhythm of normal speech
– at 9 months say the words mama & dada although not necessarily to or about them
– imitate sounds such as coughing, laughing, clicking &/or making raspberries
– enjoy action games & peek-a-boo
– at 10 months understand the word “no”
– use gestures to initiate/respond to a conversation
– communicate with purpose – insist, reject, refuse, greet someone
– ask for something by pointing at/liking
– understand simple instructions with verbal & physical cues – e.g. Parent holds hand out & sys “Tar” & child hands you the object.

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