How To Manage Your Anxiety About Your Kids

How To Manage Your Anxiety About Your Kids

Summary of article:
– parents influence children (social learning)
– recommends parents monitor themselves regarding admonishments to their child about potential danger (parenting style)
– advocates parents to “stop ruminating” (about worst case scenarios or catastrophic thinking) & model calm to their children
– exposure – let children engage so you, the parent, can see they are ok & will therefor let them engage more
– practice mindfulness & relaxation yourself
– “defuse” from thoughts/beliefs (acknowledging that they may not actually reflect reality & say to yourself: there goes my anxiety again. I am noticing I am having the thought that… [notice the distance]
– re-frame
– positive self-talk
– challenge beliefs
– anxiety hierarchy (list & rank fears) & then engage with them gradually, noting your worry & staying with it as long as you can

Also useful to read another’s experience of anxiety & how to overcome it while being kind to yourself.



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