Sleep routine – very important

Sleep routine – very important

– benefits physical & emotional health
– increased concentration, memory & energy
– research shows adolescents & young adults require 7 to 9 hrs sleep daily
– establish a regular sleep schedule by:
– set yourself a time to go to bed each night
– set yourself a time to get up in the morning (& stick to daily)
– avoid sleeping during the day (no naps)
– try & obtain daily light exposure
– prepare for sleep:
– worry schedule before bed [i.e. write down feelings/worries/anxieties in a “worry journal” – schedule regular “worry time”]
– relaxation/mindfulness
– sleep hygiene (ventilated room; avoid exercise immediately before sleep; chamomile/warm milk before bed; avoid heavy meals late in the evening; play soft gentle music rather than heavy music; avoid caffeine

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