The certainty about uncertainty

The certainty about uncertainty

Summary of article:
– 100% certainty is non- existent
– the ability to control is limited
– we can find ourselves demanding a certain outcome or imagine the worst-case scenario
– yet, how helpful is this?
– worry can generate productivity [to a point]
– thinking, “I do not do well with uncertainty” can lead to:
– avoidance
– re-assurance seeking
– self-sabotage
– in an effort to achieve temporary relief
[can lead to a vicious cycle of these behaviours, feelings & thoughts]
– living in the future is unproductive as it is occupied with uncertainty
– “what ifs” can be generated non-stop, but if rumination lacks a solution – unwanted anxiety is generated
– therefore “acceptance” of future uncertainty is crucial to our peace of mind
– best approach – live in the present so as o problem-solve life’s dilemmas as they transpire

Source: Albert Ellis Institute @


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