ALL INTHE MIND Podcast – memory – the thread of our lives 16/12/12 All in the Mind

ALL INTHE MIND Podcast – memory – the thread of our lives 16/12/12 All in the Mind

Repeated testing of yourself is the best way to develop memory/knowledge
– autobiographical memory (personal experience of past events)
– episodic memory: go over & over it to assist with ageing (where episodic memory decline is noticed)(note: older people experience no decline in organising their memory)
– difficult – to remember names – think there is a problem/a loss of memory – however, it is worth noting that there are also more memories to sort through associated with age.
– brain exercises: sudoku, crosswords, learn a new language – god things to do – an e.g. Of “use it or lose it”
– assist toddler to remember more by going over what happened the previous day based on seeking new information on the basis of the 5 Ws & H (putting it into language helps to consolidate the memory) – called “elaborative style of reminiscing”
– elaborative mothering – adolescent are able to interpret later setbacks – makes them more resilient – comes together in late adolescence
– the emotional impact of those events
– parents who talk about why we have negative emotions
– mothers should talk about their emotions to assist the toddler understand emotions and manage them
– family stories – talk about their birth and the people who were there to welcome them into the world; stories by parents about their own childhood & relate to child’s problems now; fun family stories for bonding – how we got through a hard time together & how we have grown as a family since that hard time.
– message – talk to children in an elaborative way from the word go & tell family stories
– need parents to talk to young adolescents about negative things that have happened to them – family story-telling is important for all children (young – language development, story-telling, memory formation; older children – self-esteem, sel-concept & their well-being)


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