3 techniques for managing Depression

1. – 3 good things [scientific – Martin Seligman] – things you have actively started yourself
– write them down & a few sentences about each (in a nice diary & share with others)
[shows you things you can do yourself to lift your mood]
[ask clients to rate mood before & after]
[as important for me to “brush my mind” as it is to “brush my teeth”]

2. – 1 negative to many positives (page – divided into two)
– write one negative & then list as many counter-positives too
[research shows it is possible to get out of one’s depression]

3. Focus on positive leads to better mood & less anxiety
-try to find the positive in every negative (rather than focusing on every negative)
[sayings in proverbs – silver lining in every cloud; lemons, make lemonade]
[ do it as an intellectual challenge]

Source: Clinical Psychologist on Youtube ALL CBT COGNITIVE THERAPY TECHNIQUES, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION ETC., by Kognitivterapi


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