Anger & Mindfulness

Anger & Mindfulness
– anger is a natural human emotion we all feel
– pretending you do not get angry can be dangerous
– it is much better to notice it, feel it & then choose whether or not to act on it
– anger does not tend to go away, even when we continually suppress it
– Anger – like other emotions – is designed to give you information
– Anger is designed to motivate you to take action
– the important thing is to acknowledge your anger & plan a conscious response for that moment & that situation
– screaming & hitting things was once thought to be a good treatment; however research does not support it’s efficacy, & it is now thought that such an approach trains your brain to get physical when you are mad

– Anger is often a pushing away of feelings we do not want such as fear or loneliness,mor issues such as stress.
– there can also be social/cultural issues t play – such as being tough or feeling nothing

– people often report they “explode without warning”; however the warnings were often present, but just not noticed – physical sensations, emotional feelings & thoughts.

– mindfulness can help you notice the thoughts & beliefs (about yourself) that you have in the space between an event & your behaviour – this awareness gives you distance & the freedom to consciously choose an appropriate course of action.

Source: Mindfulness: Living Through Challenges & Enriching Your Life in This Moment (R.W. Sears, 2014)


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