anger management leads to a life well-lived

Mayo Clinic states that anger management is a process of learning to:
1. Recognise signs that you are becoming angry
2. Taking action to calm down
3. Dealing with the. Situation in a positive way

Positive emotions are a key part of resiliency

Anger destroys relationships

Bodily cues of anger (also tip-offs to anger & sadness)
– inner edges of eyebrows are pulled down
– jaw muscles tighten
– breathing becomes shallow (oxygen/carbon dioxide mix – why we practice breathing so we have more good air for the majority of the day – diaphragmatic breathing)
– Clenched muscles, particularly fists
– over-focused thinking on what made you angry (creating a negative thought spiral – fuelling the anger further)
– adrenaline surges to enable one big physical action (feels energy/power rush through the body)
– heart rate increases (once over 100 beats per second -you are not in the best position to make a decision – best to step back & calm down, then consider options & make a decision
– blood flows to hands & feet to attack (fight & flight response

Body awareness in the moment is the key (gained through mindfulness practice)


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